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Via Molino dei Giusi 22
18100 Imperia(IM)
0183 290860
338 7052197

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Here the instructions for the arrival:

*  If you come by the higthway you come out at IMPERIA EST on the A10.

After you'll find a " big round" and you have to go on the LEFT toward the center of Imperia.

You'll go on Via Garessio and at the end you'll tourn on the left near the railway.

You'll arrive on another "round" and you come out at the second way (Via Agnesi) and here you'll find the first of our pannel "Agriturismo le Navi in Cielo" (you'll find 5 at all). Go to Via Agnesi till you'll find the second pannel towards Via Fanny Roncati Carli and go up to the hill (Le Cascine).

Follow the main way looking our pannels till you'll arrive at the beginning of Via Molino dei Giusi. From that moment go on the rigth and you'll arrive in front of our gate at the number 22.

*  If you have the GPS you must write first : Via Fanny Roncati Carli, then (and only then) when you are in front of Villa Grock write Via Molino dei Giusi 22.

G.P.S.: N:43,90415         E:8,04722

You'll arrive in 10 min from the higthway.